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ArticleAsteroid Day Updates

Tim Peake marks 1 month till Asteroid Day with a tweet from space

To mark 1 month till Asteroid Day 2016 (June 30), ESA astronaut Tim Peake sent two beautiful pictures back to Earth showing Canada’s 210 million year old Manicouagan impact crater. Thanks to our Photographer-in-Residence, Max Alexander, for helping Tim with the shots.

Max says: “I am delighted that Tim Peake has tweeted pictures of another impact crater taken from the International Space Station, with a shout-out to Asteroid Day, and their partnership with the European Space Agency. The impact crater is outlined by Lake Manicouagan, and is a massive 100 km across – about the distance from London to Portsmouth. It may also have been a mass extinction event, like the impact at Chicxulub, Mexico.”


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