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The Story of Asteroid Day Haiti

Peter Rulx Theo


Why am I personally supporting Asteroid Day?

I am personally supporting Asteroid Day because I want my people (Haitians) to know the truth about asteroids and what to expect from them. We used to have some natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes but an asteroid impact would be incredibly different and global! Many questions have already come from the community about rocks coming from the sky and the only answer they had for most of the time is from religious interpretations. Despite being an OBGYN, I have also been an astronomy lover since my childhood and have been trained from many books and MOOCs. I have also been involved in Dr. Lisa Harvey-Smith’s Professional Astronomy Research Experience: Magnetic Fields in Space (https://www.lisaharveysmith.com/) and an Astronomy Expert university program in Bircham International University (http://www.bircham.edu/ ).

What am I doing for Asteroid Day?

I plan to have a national conference at the HQ of our association “Société Haïtienne d’Astronomie” (Haitian Astronomical Society). We have purchased some materials from a budget supported by online fundraising. At the moment we are now actively sending out invitations to our event. Our focus is the national media. Meanwhile, we have some regional broadcasts in astronomy where we talk also about asteroids and the Asteroid Day.

What challenges am I facing/have I faced in your preparation of events for Asteroid Day?
The biggest challenge is to have people respond effectively to the invitation. In fact, they are so saturated by local social, economical & political troubles. But we plan to send and to re-send the invitations; our public banners are almost done.

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Event of the Day: ESA presents Asteroid Day in Munich

ESA is teaming up with the organisers of Asteroid Day 2016, so if you find yourself in Munich, Germany on June 30th, this ESA event is worth attending! Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics and the TU Munich’s Institute of Astronautics have collaborated to present and discuss the threat of asteroids. The joint presentation will feature speakers such as: Alena Probst Felix Hormuth, Co-manager of ESA’s near-Earth object segment Detlef Koschny, Philipp Maier, and Thomas Müller. They will answer questions such as: How much of a threat are asteroids? What is being done about it? There will also be an opportunity to discuss with the speakers over drinks after the event. For more information on this event, visit their event page on the website: http://events.asteroidday.org/event/munich/

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Event of the Day: Maracaibo, Venezuela

Our mission when starting Asteroid Day was to create a global awareness campaign where people from around the world could come together to learn about asteroids, the impact hazard they may pose, and what we can do to protect our planet, families, communities, and future generations from future asteroid impacts. On the southern half of our globe, Venezuela is spreading global awareness of the importance of asteroid education. This event will be open to the public at noon. They will have a series of lectures on asteroid and meteorites, as well as a viewing of video series. The event will also include a star party, in which they will use four refracting , four reflecting telescopes and two astro cameras.

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A short statement from Patrick Morton / Event Organizer

Spanish:Greetings-saludos, amigos/friends, thank you, gracias por aceptar nuestra amistad. Somos el club astronomia los robles, en Maracaibo, Venezuela, fundados hace 20 años, y conformados por estudiantes y maestros de 14 diferentes colegios y 4 universidades-nos gusta aprender y compartir con otros grupos de astronomia, participar en diferentes eventos, proyectos y concursos internacionales tales como los que organizan NASA, ESA, Planetary Society, Astronmical Society of the Pacific, Sally Ride Institute, NASA Radiojove, JPL-Scientist For a Day, Rocks Around the World (ASU), Astronomers Without Borders, Dark Sky Association, etc. Tenemos una mascota lechuza llamada  kruger killerman, les invitamos a visitar “Club de Astronomia Los Robles” en Facebook y nuestro website “Los Robles Astronomy Club”.

English:Greetings dear friends! Thank you for accepting our friendship and your kind information. We are Los Robles Astronomy Club, located in Maracaibo, Venezuela, founded 20 years ago. We are an assembly of students and teachers from 14 schools and 4 local universities. We like to learn, share and participate with other international groups and amateur astronomers on projects, events and contests for students of all ages organized by NASA, ESA, Solar Activity, Planetary Society, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, NASA Radiojove, Sally Ride Institute, Rocks Around The World(ASU), JPL Scientist for a Day, Astronomers Without Borders, Dark Sky Association, and so on. Los Robes Astronomy Club is about sharing and enjoying the wonders of the universe. By the way we have a pet owl called, Kruger Killerman.

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Asteroid Day 2016 – Event of the Day: Nebraska


We have some incredible events coming up this year for Asteroid Day. For example, on June 30th, Nebraska Law Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law Professor Frans von der Dunk, one of the original signatories to the Asteroid Day Declaration, and program Executive Director Elsbeth Magilton, will speak at the Mueller Planetarium about the efforts to protect the earth from asteroids. The event will feature a video stream of Professor  von der Dunk’s discussion of the declaration. Executive Director Magilton will discuss what countries are doing to protect the planet and provide an opportunity for questions. Following the presentations, Mueller Planetarium will present the fulldome shows “Firefall” and “B612 Sentinel Program.” You can stay updated on this event by visiting their events page, here: http://events.asteroidday.org/event/university-of-nebraska-lincoln-645-n-14th-st-lincoln-ne-68588-mueller-planetarium-asteroid-day/

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